Kuwait Civil ID Validity Check Expiry Date

The Kuwait Government issues a Civil ID card to residents, including citizens and expatriates for 10 years. It symbolizes the official Kuwait Identity and is essential in many ways. You need it in several paths like Legal Residency Verification, Access to Government Services, Financial Transactions, and jobs. Even you have to keep it while traveling. So let me share some simplest ways to check Kuwait’s civil ID to avoid potential issues and inconveniences.

Kuwait Civil ID Validity Status 2024

The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI)  duty is to guide their visiter in very easy steps

Kuwait Civil Id validity Expiry
Kuwait Civil- Id validity Expiry

1: To check the Kuwait Civil ID Expiry Date. Click to open PACI

2: Choose the fourth block Card Validity and click on it.

3: Then scroll down and enter the Card serial no (It’s the back side of the card).

4:  After typing the civil id serial no, click on the submit button.

5: Now you can find your card Validity stats.

kuwait civil ID validity inquiry via mobile app

The Kuwait Civil ID card validity also can be checked through the official app of PACI.

For this inquiry first, you have to install the Paci official app from the Play Store or Apple Store for iPhone.

1: After installation of the “Kuwait Mobile ID app”  open it.

2: You enter the valid number and receive the pin code, then enter it.

3: Please fill the need requirements in then this app will take some moments.

4:  The app will display your Kuwait Civil ID card details and their validity.

Kuwait civil ID Validity inquiry via PACI Calling or SMS

Besides the website and app, The PACI has SMS services to help the Kuwaitis. I will give all the steps for SMS and call. First, we will talk about a call.

Call services  for  Kuwatis civil  ID check

1: Call the official hotline number 1889988 and listen to the instructions carefully.

2: Press 2 to change language into English

3: Press 1 to card inquiry and need to type your civil card number.

4: Again press 1 to card renewal, press 2 just card inquiry.

5: If you need the card Kuwait Civil ID validity check then press 3.

Text messages

 You check your Kuwait civil ID card validity with PACI SMS services. This process is very simple and easy. Let me show you the process

1: if you want to check your Kuwait civil card inquiry you have to type the first capital word.

2: Type “I CIVILIDNO” and send a text message to 1889988.

4: it is your Kuwait civil card detail and its expiry date.

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