Biometric Appointment Kuwait

The Kuwait government has started a biometric appointment in their specific offices for protection and security measurement. These registration offices are settled by the Ministry of Interior(MOI). This authority has given several online and offline registration methods where you can register yourself for an appointment.

2: who is eligible

If you are thinking of Kuwait biometric registration eligibility it has no limit. Everyone who lives in Kuwait above 18 years old needs to register. No matter, whether you are a traveler or expatriate you have to register for the bio matric app. For this purpose, the authorities add biometric systems in airports too.

3: Documents you need

Before registering for a Kuwait biometric appointment, you should have verified the original documents. But if you still need the copies then you are making a mistake. Let me share them all one by one.

1: Bring the original and copy of your Kuwait valid civil id.

2: A copy of your passport and bring the original passport.

3: Bring the Appointment confirmation letter in print. It comprises the time, date, and location of the biometric appointment if you have a confirmation email you should print out it too.

4: You would bring a Completed Visa Application Form and Application Reference Number.

6: if you are a resident here on a study visa and employment then bring a work permit or Job Offer and enrollment confirmation( for students).

7: Furthermore, you should bring some additional documents like medical proof and financial documents.

4:How you can make an appointment with Meta web

It is an online portal that allows residents and local visitors to plan an appointment for biometric registration. The registration process is very easy. Let me share with you all the steps in detail.

1: open your default browser and open the official website or click here.

4: Now you have registered your account and the last step is to verify it with your e-mail.

5: Fix an appointment for a biometric

Once you have registered your account on Meta Web  Kuwait then you don’t need to repeat this process. Just add your civil ID and password then set an appointment. I am detailing the process. You will have to follow the instructions.

1: Open the official website.

3: Then type your 12 code of your civil ID and password in the empty text box.

4: Click on login on it.

5: You will see a dashboard on your PC screen. Choose the appointment search.

6: Next you need to choose “Kuwait Ministry of Interior.

7: Then choose the  “General Department of Personal Identification.”

8: On the next screen you will see many options but you have to choose only one. It will be  “Biometric Enrollment.”

9. On the next page you will see the time and date, you have to choose a convenient time and date for the meeting. Then verify your details.

6: Biometric appointment through a mobile app

Now you can set your biometric appointment through the Meta check-in app. The process same as you have done on the official website.

 1: After installing and registering the app. Open the Meta check-in app and login it.

2: Add your civil ID and passwords then login it from your Android mobile.

3: Go to the dashboard click “Appointments” and choose  Kuwait Ministry of Interior from the list.

But you have to choose General Department of Personal Identification then Biometric Enrollment.

5: you should have a convenient time and date. Then verify the details.

7: MOI  biometric appointment

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) has also a very simple process on its official website

2: secondly, click on “GCC National Biometric Enrollment” or Metaplatform.

3: Now your booking for the biometric appointment process is completed.

4: it is the simplest way to book.

8:Sahel app

Sahel app is another app available on Android and iPhone, where users can have their responses for booking and appointments. This user-friendly app is easy to use.

1:Go to the  Google Play Store. and Install the Sahel App.

2:  You need to log in to your account. after registering your account.

3: The “Appointment” button will appear and Click on “Book an Appointment“.

4:Choose “Ministry of Interior” and “General Department of Criminal Evidence“.

5: Make a choice of “Fingerprint Biometrics“and Select a biometric center that meets your needs.

7: Mall in Kuwait

Now, the Kuwait government has made a biometric counter for residents and local Kuwaitis. Some big shopping malls. Here are some shopping malls near to you. We advise you to check the nearest to you. Check the list.

1: Al kout mall

2: 360 Mall

3: Avenues Mall

4:The Capital

8: Biometric Kuwait airport

They established a Biometric fingerprinting center at Kuwait International Airport according to flight frequency. After this stand, every Gulf citizen and expatriate cannot enter Kuwait without biometric verification.

9:  Tips for successful biometric appointment

Once you have made a Biometric appointment and decided the center to visit the nearest. We recommended to reach early for this process.

Brings all required documents in the form of original and copied both. Corporate with staff in all processes. You have to come in dark dark-colored dress for a good-quality photograph.


Meta Kuwait was developed by a web platform hosted Azure website. It is interlinked with all official government links. It is responsible for providing digital services to serve well. As a Security substance is part of it. Every citizen and expatriate is responsible for booking a biometric appointment.

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